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Fission Performance

We are a transformation service helping people overcome barriers in order to transform their lives physically, mentally and socially through physical exercise and mental conditioning.

Through small group physical training, 1:1 training and workshops, we teach how you can not only overcome any obstacle but also grow from it. With ongoing tribal/community support, regular workshops and provided resources we help people with emotional intelligence, increase mental conditioning to handle the stress of life and improve physical fitness.

We are transformations specialists for those who:

  • Are seeking to improve their health and fitness
  • Want the body and mindset of their dreams
  • Want more in life but unsure of their purpose.
  • Lack emotional intelligence
  • Who have face daily hardships
  • Who want to get fit in the process

We are here to help you achieve what you thought was previously impossible. 

You can achieve it. Believe it, take action and you will!

Be open. Be honest. Be strong.


Fission Performance Founder

Joshua Tamsett is the Founder of Fission Performance and he struggled with weight for most of his adult life. After his own physical and lifestyle transformation in 2015 to run his first marathon, Joshua had a desire to assist other people reach their full potential. He saw many people failing to turn their dreams into goals and achieve things they never thought possible - exactly as he was once like. Monumental personal and professional challenges were faced by Joshua over the following years. Yet despite all of this, Fission Performance was born.

Josh regularly attends personal development seminars and the latest physical exercise courses. Currently, Josh is completing a FMA Institute Strength Certification course to compliment previous personal training study as a specialist coach. He has 6 years in the public health department as a senior psychiatric nurse as well as 4 years prior in the drug and alcohol sector.

Josh uses this professional expertise and continual personal development to bring to you the absolute pinnacle in transformation and coaching services.