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Victoria Point Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank

Banking that’s good for you AND for your community.

When you choose to be a Victoria Point Community Bank Branch Customer, you not only make a decision that benefits you, you also make one that benefits your community.

That’s because with every savings or investment account, every home or personal loan, and every product or service we offer, part of our profits go back into our communities to support local projects, groups and organisations. Some of those worthy community organisations include; Redlands Centre for Women, St Rita’s Laptop Program and New computers for BayFM

It’s not a new thing, it’s simply who we are and what we believe in.

And it’s a simple equation. We think that Bendigo Bank can only be successful if our customers and our communities are successful first.

It means that as a customer you not only benefit from a great range of competitive products and the friendly service we’re so well known for, you also get a sense of satisfaction knowing your banking is contributing to your community.


  • ATM (pin changing)
  • Business Banker
  • Financial Planner

Operating Hours

Mon-Fri 9:00am-4:00pm