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Let your imagination go wild

This is your opportunity to think like a true optimist! Be confident in the knowledge that you already understand the values that define and motivate you, and that you have discovered your passion.

When I define my dreams I really let my imagination go wild and I envisage what I want for my awesome future. I brainstorm all the possibilities and think outside the box, detailing my ideas. Thinking optimistically that I can achieve them and what that will feel like. 

Define yours and you bridge the gap between the Nurture stage of the Success Generator, and Clarity, where you begin to clearly see what it is you want to achieve in life. It’s here that the grey clouds can start to clear and you begin to see what is in the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

To help you do this Manage My Rainbow identifies 6 main life categories that we all engage in to some degree or other.  Consideration of these categories will further help you to define your dreams within each category.


We all love having spare time to do what we truly love but it can be difficult finding time in our hectic, modern lives. Leisure time is so important if you want to lead a rounded, fulfilled life. So, what do you dream of doing when you have the opportunity to do what you want? 

Are you passionate about Travel and Adventure, flying off to an exotic destination or trekking in a remote area of the world? Do you get energised by the thought of Sports & Hobbies or maybe you have a passion for vehicles and you Love Your Wheels? Perhaps you are fond of theatre, restaurants and Entertainment in general? You may want to Dress to Impress or do you have an artistic side you want to unleash in Get Creative?



We all have to live somewhere and wherever that maybe, having a home where you feel happy and comfortable is crucial to a stable life. What does your dream living environment look like?

Is it to live with family, friends or that someone special or to Rent an apartment or house in a suburb you love? Are you looking to Buy or Sell an existing property? Do you want to Build or Renovate your property, add your own personal touch and make it yours?

Does your ideal home include a Dream Bedroom and sumptuous Tranquil Bathroom?  Perhaps you see yourself preparing dinners in your Gourmet Kitchen, while family and friends relax in your Liveable Living Rooms. Then again, you may enjoy Outdoor Entertaining and want your outdoor space to look extra special with beautiful Gardens and Landscaping? How about a Fun Pool to complete the package?  



Our lives are a continual journey of personal growth. Self Development enables you to harness every opportunity to learn and grow. It builds confidence and self-worth.  So, what are your dreams as you move through the different stages of your life?

Do you need to Find Your Direction? Are you focused on your Dream Career and need some further education and training to help you develop and get that dream job? Is Your Family and Community important to you or do you dream of Finding Love or Planning Your Wedding.


This is the most important category!  Without it you can’t truly enjoy all the others. Everyone should strive for good health and wellness. So, how do you dream of achieving that for yourself?

Do you like to Be Active and Get Fit? Need to focus on a Healthy Diet and Healthy Life?  Perhaps you need support with your Emotional Well Being and Wellness? Maybe you prefer a holistic approach and Natural Therapies is your thing? Do you long to Pamper Yourself? Or do you need to seek guidance from a medial practitioner to Care for Your Health?


The concept of wealth means different things to different people. I believe most will have financial independence and security listed as a dream in one shape or another. Money is not everything but imagine not having to worry about your finances and the freedom that could bring to your life!  So, what dreams do you have for your financial future?

Do you want to Grow Your Savings? Maybe the thought of speculating in Shares and Bonds interests you? Or, do you feel more comfortable dealing with bricks and mortar Investing in Property? Then again, you may need to grow your superannuation and Prepare for Retirement or perhaps, you want to find out ways to Pay Less Tax?



Entrepreneurship has exploded in recent times in the face of a rapidly changing employment market. Working practices are ever evolving and technological advancements mean nothing stays still for too long. Gone are the days of working for the same company all your life. This new environment sees people working multiple jobs and careers in a lifetime. Are you an innovator, a go-getter, with a flair for business? If so, what are your Entrepreneurial dreams?

Do you want the freedom to be your own Boss? Are you a Start Up or do you want to Buy a Business? Whatever way you decide to begin your entrepreneurial journey you will need to focus on building a business and making it a success? So consider; Your Business Foundations,  Organising Your Workspace, Promote Your Business and Everything Technology.

By detailing your dreams under these main life categories, it gives you the structure to bring your dreams to life.

For example, I’ve shared with you that I value health and I am passionate about keeping fit. So, when I defined my dreams in health and wellness, I dreamt of myself achieving something that aligned with these attributes. 

Something I had always dreamt of, but never achieved was to run in a race. For me, this epitomised fitness and endurance. I decided I wanted to stretch myself to do just that and 10kms seemed a good distance to aim for.

The thought of running 10kms non-stop filled me with both excitement and fear, so as part of this process, I documented the sense of achievement and fulfilment I would feel when I ran past the finish line.

I then sought information on the races being held in my area and the dates they were being held, so I could choose a race that appealed to me and gave me enough time to train for.

This information gathering is a critical final step in the process of defining your dreams.  It’s important to clearly understand what is involved in achieving your dream because you need to understand and consider the challenges that you may need to overcome to turn your dream in to reality. 

It also forces you to review and challenge your thinking and it enables you to determine whether you believe you can achieve you dream in the Short (0 - 1 year), medium (1 - 3 years) or long term (3 years+). 

The aim is to gain knowledge of the right information, so a structure can be put in place to plan ahead and set a goal with milestones. This brings greater Clarity and that is explained in the next stage of the Success Generator, where we activate your goals

Visit the Action Hub to define your dreams. 


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