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What are you passionate about?

Passion is a strong emotional understanding of what it is in life you want to achieve for yourself. Discover what you are passionate about and when aligned with your values, you may give yourself strong personal foundations, upon which any goals and dreams can be built.

We all have things that are important to us, that drive our decision-making. You might think it is something easy to personally understand and discover. But, if you’d asked me to verbalise what I was passionate about, what my dreams were, I would have struggled.

I had let the busyness of life overtake me. I’d lost touch with what was truly important to me and what could bring me personal joy and fulfilment.

Passion drives action

When you discover what you are passionate about, you unlock your ability to bring your dreams to life. In doing so, you tap into an abundant well of positivity, that flourish with attributes, such as, commitment, courage, motivation, self-confidence and ultimately self-belief.

This discovery is fundamental to finding direction and purpose in life. It may help you determine when you need to make important decisions about competing priorities and help keep you on track.

It’s important to understand what makes you passionate, what drives your dreams, so you can align your goals accordingly. If your passion and dreams aren’t in sync, then you risk wandering through life with no direction or purpose, and having goals that are not what you truly want in life. 

I know personally that this misalignment of passion and dreams can cause:

 A general lack of real fulfilment in life

 Dissatisfaction with an outcome even when you accomplish something

 A lack of drive and motivation to succeed

 A struggle to focus or put in the necessary effort needed to pursue your goals

For example, I have been open about my journey. I made poor choices about diet and exercise. This exacerbated my anxiety and depression. I had already recognised health as a value. Upon reflection, I discovered I was passionate about keeping fit. So I have a number of goals that embody fitness and health.

Imagine how you might feel if your goals were not aligned with your passions. I struggled with this misalignment and the inner conflict was reflected in the mental health challenges I experienced and the 110kgs I carried around.

So, take time to truly understand what you are passionate about. Visit the Action Hub to discover your passion and do the groundwork to understand this and your values. Then, you can embark on the next exciting phase of the Success Generator, where you think big and your dreams can be defined!

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