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Put yourself in the picture

A vision board is a visual interpretation of your dreams and goals. It is a very personal way of representing what is important to you and what you are trying to achieve. The images on the board have an emotional tie with your subconscious and they support you as an inspiration that connects you with your desire for the future.


The Secrets to Your Vision Board

“The Law of Attraction” suggests that to encourage you to attract what you desire you need to see it, you need to feel it and you need to fully embrace it. While you can’t always do all these things physically, having a vision board that is meaningful to you allows you to visualise your goal. The board itself must embody your goals and dreams with passion, so you can actually feel your dreams, imagine yourself in the picture and build your enthusiasm to help bring them to life. 

Lets be honest, it can be easy to become complacent with your goals. I know I have fallen into that trap. It’s easy to forget and become distracted with things that are happening in your life. So, when you create your vision board you should select images that truly represent your goal. How it will make you feel. This will bring true personal meaning to you. 

For example, if your dream is to escape on a dream cruise. You may add a picture of a ship to your vision board. But don’t add a picture of just any ship. Add a picture of THE ship you want to sail on. The cabin you want to stay in. Why not take it one step further and add images of the beach you will lay on, the food you will eat and the places you will visit. This sends a more powerful reminder to you! 


A vision board helps you maintain focus on your goals. When I was training for the bridge to Brisbane run my vision board served as a constant reminder of my goal. When my brain was telling my body to stay in bed and sleep in, I would look at my vision board sitting on my bedside table. It showed me running across the finish line in record time! I really wanted to FEEL THAT TRIUMPH and it motivated me to get out of bed and train. 

This illustrates a fundamental lesson with vision boards. Just because you create one, doesn’t mean you will automatically achieve your goal. Wouldn’t life be great if that was the case! Rather, your vision board will give you focus, it motivates you into action and keeps you on track towards your dreams. One milestone at a time!

Unleash Your Vision Board

Finally, and most importantly! Once you create your vision board don’t hide it! Be proud of it!  Use your vision board as a daily reminder and inspiration of your goals. 
Here are some ideas on how to keep your vision board in the forefront of your mind!



Turn your vision board into wallpaper for your phone or tablet


Turn your vision board into a screen saver for your desktop or lap top


Print your vision board and place it in a frame. Place the frame in your lounge room, bedroom or your desk at work


Print your vision board and stick it on your bathroom mirror or even your fridge, so you can look at it every time you get some food out


Print your vision board, pin it in your car and look at it every time you go for a drive


Print your vision board keep it in your diary, in your wallet or handbag and carry it with you 

Your vision board brings greater Clarity to what you want to achieve in life. Visit the Action Hub to find out how to create your own. 

Your vision board also acts as a useful tool in helping you to do Visualisation. This is a powerful exercise, explored in the final step of Clarity. It links in nicely to the Growth stage of the Success Generator, where the real action begins, where your rainbow becomes brighter and clearer!

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