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Be the Director of your dreams

Visualisation provides a powerful mental image of the future! It compliments the strategy of activating your goals and creating your vision board. It’s about imagining what you want or where you want to be, being in the moment and really feeling the emotions of achievement.

Be the “Director of Your Dreams” and use visualisation to nurture, both a holistic image of the life you want to lead. But also, to bring clarity to a specific goal you want to achieve. I find it calming and it helps foster self-belief and motivation. 


How do I visualise?

I didn’t find it easy at first. I had a lot of challenges to contend with. But I persevered. It is an uplifting way of creating a vivid image in my mind of me having, doing or being what I want.

For example, I visualise my goal to run the Bridge to Brisbane. I imagine myself at the race start! It’s very early, I’m nervous, filled with anticipation and excitement. Thousands of other people are jostling to get going … then we’re off! I can hear the thud of people’s running shoes on the ground. I focus and keep good pace. My legs are hurting and I want to stop and walk, but I persevere, I can do it!  The finish line finally appears! The crowds cheer! I find that extra burst to push me over the finish line. What a great feeling! Well done me! This is the power of visualisation.

You are the “Director of your Dreams!” If you can see it and emotionally feel it, then you can believe it! Anything and everything becomes possible!

Visualisation has been suggested to stimulate the brain positively in to believing your Goals are achievable. I know from personal experience that you are more likely to put in the focused effort needed to make them happen.


It cultivates a positive mindset and brings focus. With that comes a deeper, personal understanding of what is important to you, where you are heading. I became more courageous in my decision-making and this inner strength kept me on course. In certain scenarios, it has pushed me to achieve my goals quicker. 

Some people can visualise vividly and quickly. Others may find it more difficult and it may take longer. Whatever your experience, it may be a powerful exercise for you. The key is to mentally direct your mind into showing you achieving your goal, capture that memory seed and plant it in to your subconscious mind.

Make visualising meaningful to you

Visualisation is a personal thing. Everyone’s experience will be different. I visualise for around 10 minutes, but you can spend more or less time, whatever you feel comfortable with! If you visualise daily, that would be great. If you can’t, then commit to a weekly ritual or make a personal promise to visualise if you feel you’ve lost sight of your goals and you feel off track.

If you have the opportunity to physically experience your dream, then do it! For example, you have a dream car you want to own. Go to the showroom, sit in, touch and smell your dream car. Take a photo with you behind the wheel. Add it to your vision board. It will make your goal feel even more real and enhance your visualisation.


Visualisation is the final piece of the puzzle in terms of finding Clarity. I share with you the method I follow to become the director of my dreams in the Action Hub
It’s now time to embark on the Growth phase of the Success Generator and firstly, this involves identifying if you need help to achieve your goals.

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