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Joel Minden, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, Director of the Chicago Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and lecturer in the Department of Psychology at California State University, Chico.


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Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D. is a Licensed Practicing Psychologist with an MS in physical therapy who combines research findings, real-life stories, and humour to provide actionable tips for individuals.


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For more than eight years, Sreeram Sreenivasan has worked with various Fortune 500 companies in areas of business intelligence, and sales and marketing strategies. He regularly writes at Fedingo about a wide range of business growth topics.


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Marnie Perna is a registered professional kinesiologist. Marnie specialises in stress management, women’s health and helping children with learning challenges. 


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Angela Derks is the founder and CEO of the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy and the course and curriculum developer for the Australian Accredited Diploma of Wellness. Angela has lead strategic wellness initiatives and training programs with Six Senses Spas, Soneva Resorts, Ritz Carlton, Madinat Jumeriah, Palazzo Versace, Kempinski, Westin, Qantas First Lounges, Christina O yacht, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat and Aurora Spa.


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Don Goewey is the author of The End of Stress, 4 Steps to Rewire Your Brain, and the Managing Partner of ProAttitude, a human performance firm focused on ending work stress.


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Marcia Reynolds PsyD. Is a author of two leadership books, The Discomfort Zone and Wander Woman. She is the President of Covisioning, a leadership development firm.


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