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Are you searching for inspiration to get focused on what’s important to you?
Have you suddenly become self-aware that you lack direction? 
Has someone else’s actions impacted you? 
Are you faced with the realisation that something in your life is not working?

Are you excited about an opportunity on the horizon, but don't know how to make it happen? 

Well, I know how you feel! Acknowledge is the first stage of the Success Generator. It’s personal. It embodies raw emotions. It’s being totally honest with yourself about where you are in life.  

It may simply be you are not happy in your current job and you want a new challenge. Maybe you decide you want to adopt a health and wellness regime. Whatever causes this realisation, it is an important stage of the Success Generator. It’s where you acknowledge to yourself that you want to make a change or achieve something different in your life.

Life can also have a way of hitting us with the unexpected. There are aspects of our busy lives that continually take priority. We may feel lost or helpless to bring about positive change. We may not get the opportunity to fulfil what we truly want.

Believe in YOURSELF!

Has anyone told you how good you are today? It’s confidence building when someone goes out of their way to tell you that you have done something well, or how good you make them feel. However, we can’t always rely on other people to do that for us. So, I want to reframe this question and ask you;

“Have you told you how good you are today?”

Many people don’t acknowledge to themselves how good they are! They live their life not giving themselves the credit they deserve for what they achieve. They may approach life from the view of a glass half empty, instead of a glass half full brimming with possibility. It may be suggested that this life perspective is influenced by the self-belief a person has in themselves.

Self-belief is having total confidence in yourself and your own abilities.  It may be that self-belief is largely influenced by self-esteem and self-worth. The personal foundations that support how you think, feel and value yourself. If you are unclear or not sure of these core foundations, it may cause you to question the belief you have in yourself and negatively impact your self-confidence.

Having good self-esteem and self-worth will mean your values are sound and you are clear on what drives you. You have self-respect and you are being true to yourself.  You are leading your life the way you want. You are not doing things to please other people. Rather, you carefully consider the needs of those around you when making informed decisions about the things that affect you. It’s having clarity what your purpose is. Knowing deep down that whatever life throws at you, you will be OK! Well known psychologist Albert Bandura suggests that being resilient and believing in yourself helps to give staying power as you work towards your goals. (14)

Life can be challenging! But it’s about pushing through regardless. Living life from a foundation of self-belief, knowing that despite everything YOU are worth it! You can overcome any challenges and be in control of your life. You can also change how you may feel and think about yourself. Accept your weaknesses as part of who you are and reflect on the things that you may need to change. Build upon your strengths so you can grasp the opportunities that life has to offer. Do that and you have the ability to ignite your passion for life and all the wonderful things that can mean.


Have you had a reality check?

I want to share with you a comforting reality check! Because you are not alone…..

No one’s life is blissful and harmonious all the time!

Life can have a way of hitting us with the unexpected. There are aspects of our busy lives that continually take priority. We may feel lost or helpless to bring about positive change. We may not get the opportunity to fulfil what we truly want. 

It may seem like everyone else is doing a better job at achieving things in life than you. Yes, some people have the ability to manage their overall lives better than others. But for many, life can feel like it is a constant uphill struggle. The word ‘battle’ may be a more descriptive word, better suited to describe how life can feel sometimes.

I was struggling with low self-esteem fuelled by the suppression of my sexuality. This caused me to lack confidence. I had no self-respect and I felt ashamed of who I was. I felt my life was worthless and I hated who I was. I became a people pleaser, doing what everybody else wanted because I thought, if people knew the real me they wouldn’t like me. This lack of self-belief impacted my health and wellness and led me to experience severe anxiety.

I wasn’t being true to myself! So, in order to regain control of my life I realised I had to acknowledge and accept my sexuality. This was a massive step and it impacted every facet of my life! It was a highly emotional time, especially for my wife and children. But I was struggling in the bottom half of the rainbow. I felt I had no choice! I had to do it for my own wellbeing! It hasn’t been an easy journey but the experience has been personally liberating. I realised that I can be who I want to be and I didn’t need to be afraid of that!

Taking Control

Do you find yourself in the bottom half of the rainbow? If so, don’t worry! It’s not always a bad thing! It just means it’s time to reflect on what’s going on in your life. You have the opportunity to take control and take your first step on the Success Generator.

Everyone will have their own realisation about the challenges they contend with. Whether you perceive them as small or big challenges, it’s about silencing the negative self-talk you may have. The negative self-talk may come in many forms, they are what I call the “Dream Breakers”. Don’t let them affect you!



The Dream Breakers

So, perhaps your self-belief may be challenged. This may cause you to doubt yourself and your own capabilities. Do you know that nagging negative voice in your head that questions everything you do? Sometimes it may even say you can’t do it! If you let that voice win, you may find yourself stuck unable to move forward and doubting yourself.

Self-doubt is one of my Dream Breakers it’s the key breaker that questions your own self-belief. The other breakers follow closely; procrastination, bingeing, overthinking, overwhelm and stress. They can cause confusion and create fear in your life. If you suffer any of the Dream Breakers then, like me, it’s possible to experience a number of them in varying degrees at the same time.

They are the challenges you face that can stop you achieving your goals and dreams and they send you into the bottom half of your rainbow!


Seek help when you need to!

We all have different levels of resilience and deal with situations in different ways! If you find yourself struggling in life, there’s no shame in sharing how you feel and seeking help, whether that be talking with a friend, family member or getting professional support, from a life coach, health and wellness coachcounsellor or psychologist. The turning point for me came when I took personal responsibility and sought help.  If I hadn’t, then I could so easily have found myself in dire circumstances.

I was lucky to have unconditional love from my family and friends. This is another important thing to remember in terms of self-belief and turning that negative inner voice around. Those closest to you believe in you! I believe in you! So, do yourself a favour, join your own fan club and start believing in you too!

You can shine

It’s important to Acknowledge who and where you are in life before you try to effect real change. You owe it to yourself because we all have the ability to shine and build the life we want and deserve. If you don’t, then you risk wandering along in life with no clear direction. The only person who will suffer in the long run is you.

The Success Generator tools I share with you will only benefit you if you move forward from a point of personal realisation and self-awareness.  Commit to this and let’s move forward to a place of Nurture.

Before doing so, please refer to the Dream Breaker pages if you find that you are challenged by any of them, I give some useful information and tips on what they are and how to overcome them. They may help you build the foundations to moving forward when you are feeling stuck.

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