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It’s OK to ask for help

It’s a great feeling of accomplishment when you have clarity! Your goals and milestones are set, you’ve created a vision board and hopefully, you’re visualising

That’s all great, but wait a moment! An important ingredient now needs to be added to the mix to get you moving towards the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. You guessed it … ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!

Has that one word suddenly instilled fear in you? Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed? Have you started to procrastinate already? Do you need help to achieve your goal?  

I ask these questions because I asked the same! I had put a lot of effort into gaining clarity and had my goals documented. I was raring to go! But, I was also mindful of the fact that I couldn’t achieve some of my goals on my own. I needed help and support!

I had a goal of maintaining my health and wellbeing. So, I engaged the services of a wonderful Kinesiologist, called Ranee Zeller, to keep my goal alive, keep me on track and ultimately, to help me achieve my goal.

You don’t have to do it alone

Asking for help is a key component of the Growth stage of the Success Generator. It’s a great thing when you don’t have to be on your journey alone. Manage My Rainbow has aligned with business partners who share my values; Acceptance, Inclusion, Opportunity, Determination. Like me they believe in:

 Giving back to the Community

 Encouraging Self-Belief

 Creating Opportunity

 Empowering People

 Honesty, Integrity and respect

My partners operate independently from Manage My Rainbow and you have the opportunity to engage their services to help you achieve your goals. 

Lets see how they can help you!

All Manage My Rainbow partners are listed under their corresponding main life category. Is your goal about……

or simply getting your driver’s licence? There is someone there to help. 
For example, if your goal is to get your driver’s licence, all you need to do is access the directory in Manage My Rainbow, and search for a driving school. You can access the directory by clicking Search Directory here or in the main menu bar.


‘Manage My Rainbow’ is a new concept. Whilst the directory of business partners is always expanding, please bear with me if there are no partners in your area just yet.

Action drives results

If you have identified you need help to achieve your goal, then take action and contact the relevant partner using the details found on their directory listing. They are keen to hear from you and help you move forward. 

Whether you need help or not, the exciting thing is you are now on your way. You’re moving forward purposefully with a view to bringing your dreams to life.

Your dreams are being fully activated now as you continue through the Growth stage of the Success Generator. So, how do you know you’re getting somewhere? How do you know if the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow is getting closer? Well you get to monitor how you’re doing to keep you on track.

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